Hot in America, Good study from Finland, Jealousy & Envy

Climate Central reports on fastest-warming U.S. cities and states, Bloomberg Finance projects EV’s to be cost-competitive by 2022, and researchers in Finland show exactly how the world gets to zero emissions by 2050. In our story, Fern and Meredith’s friendship is strained by the publication of a scientific study. And, a discussion of jealousy, envy and the color green.

Life is energy – and a good life runs on good energy

Citizenship & Education, Tiny Houses, Nanticoke Solar

Maria Saxton (VA Tech) studies the impact of tiny houses, the Dept of Defense reports on climate threats to military facilities, Arkansas steps up to solar development, and the old Nanticoke coal plant is transformed to solar. A story about racism and a discussion of citizenship as the goal of education. Some lightbulb facts, and finally some nest facts, comparing cardinals and goldfinches.

Citizenship & Education, Tiny Houses, Nanticoke Solar