Poe’s “Shadow – A Parable”

Edgar Allan Poe’s “Shadow – A Parable”, published in 1833 and set in the ancient past, is nonetheless frightfully relevant to the specter of our modern climate crisis. Some of us may feel shielded. But, the more we try to look away and distract ourselves, the more surely we’ll be visited by the shadow of death – those unhappy souls who, just a short while ago, were our fellow travelers upon the earth. After the story, we think about the multi-faceted emotion of fear, and have some fun with witches.

Nature supplies the energy – You give it the good

Old Mountains, New Economies – Adam Wells of Appalachian Voices

Adam Wells, Regional Director of Community & Economic Development for Appalachian Voices, is working to bring new energy to the local economies of Southwest Virginia, a region once sustained by the coal industry. There are now promising opportunities for solar power to be a catalyst for growth, attracting 21st Century business looking for low-cost, locally-generated energy.

Life is Energy – and a Good Life Runs on Good Energy

Against Franzen – For the Birds – In the heat

In “What If We Stopped Pretending” Jonathan Franzen tells us that we need to get real: we’re doomed. It’s worth thinking through the reasons he’s wrong. We also look at the new temperature trends, illustrated by the heatwave last week. Finally, some things we can do for the birds, whose populations are plummeting. Word of the week – “autumn” – can you find two humans and two animals hidden in it?

Life is energy – and a good life runs on good energy