Maude the Moderate

Virginia is about to pass moderate, but historic and long-overdue, climate and energy legislation. “Maude the Moderate” is someone the Democratic party knows well. Insect populations are dropping as groups struggle to respond to E.O. Wilson’s call for us to save half the earth for … life. Bristol, England (different from Bristol, Virginia in almost every respect) has declared an Ecological Emergency. And, a new fable titled The Miser.

Life is Energy and a Good Life runs on Good Energy

“I’m not relying on evidence!”

The now infamous Jim Molan kicks off the show by kicking his fellow Australians when they’re down. On the upside, jobs in the energy storage industry are expected to boom, the “worst case scenario” has probably (slightly) improved, renewables are about to surpass coal and nuclear on US grids, and some hybrids get a big green thumbs up, beating out EV’s on the EDX score. Finally, a fable about Three Peacocks, along with some thoughts about statues.

Nature supplies the energy – You give it the good