Soil, Trees, and other Dithyrambs

New voter polls on the environment, an Arctic update, The Nature Conservancy’s Family Forest initiative, and soil scientist Rattan Lal’s World Food Prize. Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Birth of Tragedy”, the Apollonian-Dionysian duality, and a new poem, “My Closest Neighbors”.

Life is Energy – and a good life runs on Good Energy

Summer With Epictetus

Reason and freedom in the opening lines of Epictetus’s “Discourses”. / Sizzling summer energy tips. / Poem “How Do You Sound?” / Art and moral education (e.g. “The Wreck of the Old 97”). / In the news: the EIA releases numbers to support the milestone announced last year – renewables surpass coal in electricity generation – and the Southeast region is the fastest growing utility solar market. New York is the first state to reject a gas pipeline for climate reasons, and the Empire State Bldg sets an example in Manhattan by slashing its emissions 40%. The US ranks 24th on the environment, near the bottom of the developed world. The UK proposes to subsidize the move to electric transportation.

Life is energy – and a good life runs on good energy